Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship Resources through Common Sense Media


This month’s digital citizenship topic is Media Balance & Well-Being.    

Students go beyond screen time to explore the impact their digital lives can have on their well-being and relationships while learning to balance media in their everyday lives.

Motto:  We find balance in our digital lives. 

Guiding question: How can we help students use media in healthy ways? January Family Letter


This month’s digital citizenship topic is Privacy and Security

Students learn how to protect personal information and gain a deeper understanding of their data privacy rights so they can advocate for themselves and others.

Motto: We care about everyone’s privacy


Guiding question: How can I keep my personal data safe and secure? December Family Letter


This month’s digital citizenship topic is News & Media Literacy.

Students identify credible and trustworthy information sources and reflect on their responsibilities as thoughtful media creators and consumers.

Motto: We are critical thinkers and creators.

Guiding question: How can I be a critical consumer and creator of news and media?

Family Letter & Additional Resources


This month’s digital citizenship topic is Cyberbullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  

Students take on these tough topics and play the active role of upstander to build positive, supportive online communities and combat online cruelty.
 Motto:  We are kind & courageous. 

Guiding question: How can I connect positively, treat others respectfully, and create a culture of kindness?
October Family Letter and Additional Resources


This month’s digital citizenship topic is Digital Footprint & Identity.

Students consider the benefits and risks of online sharing and explore how a digital persona can affect one’s sense of self, reputation, and relationships.  

Motto: We define who we are. 


This month’s digital citizenship topic is Expectations and Device Care

We establish classroom rules and procedures which support a culture of responsible use and communicates clear guidelines.  We reinforce habits which identify devices as a learning tool.

  We are responsible learners with devices.

Guiding question:
How do I care for my device as a tool for learning?



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